Ceremonial Grade is matcha of the highest quality and is used exclusively for tea. Whisk the tea powder with hot or cold water and drink the tea as it is.

Premium Grade matcha is ideal in “cafe” drinks, smoothies and lemonades, but also on its own. Shake it into a delicious cold iced latte or even a cocktail.

Culinary Grade is the perfect matcha grade for cooking, baking and flavouring sweet desserts and ice creams as it is more bitter and great if you want to experiment with new recipes and be creative in the kitchen. Have fun.

matcha tea

Put 2 bamboo spoons or ½ tsp. matcha in a bowl and add about 100 ml of hot water (70-80 degrees). Beat vigorously in an M-shaped (not circular) motion for about 20 seconds. This gives a beautiful jade green and creamy foam. You can add more water if you prefer your matcha less strong or less water to get an “espresso” matcha.

Recommended quality: ceremonial grade matcha.

matcha latte

Mix a flat tsp. matcha in a little hot water, then add warm vegan, vegetable or regular milk. You can also sweeten your matcha latte with a spoonful of honey, agave nectar or maple syrup. Or shake it with ice cubes to make it refreshingly cold and delicious.

Recommended quality: premium grade matcha.

Matcha ice tea/latte

The cold version is refreshingly delicious and a must try for any matcha lover. Mix your matcha with a milk frother. Add 2 bamboo spoonfuls or ½ tsp. matcha in a glass or cup, and pour in about 100 ml of hot water (70-80 degrees). Mix well – you can use a smaller amount of water if you prefer your matcha strong – like an espresso. You can also mix with milk or juice, whichever you prefer.

Recommended quality for iced tea: Ceremonial grade matcha.
Recommended quality for iced latte: Premium grade matcha.

Bullet-proof matcha

A refreshing twist on the classic ketogenic bulletproof coffee. The delicate fragrance and soft creaminess of coconut oil beautifully round out the grassy flavour of matcha in this potent superfood. Mix a flat tsp. matcha in about 100 ml (70-80 degrees) of hot water, then add 2 tsp. organic extra virgin coconut oil. Shake and mix well.

Recommended quality: premium grade matcha.

Matcha smoothie

For the matcha smoothie, the only limit is your imagination. Add a flat teaspoon. matcha for all your favourite fruits, berries and vegetables. You can add a small amount of almond milk for more body. Flax or chia seeds also add more body and healthy fat to the mix.

Recommended quality: premium grade matcha.

Matcha as an ingredient

You can use matcha in almost any food or drink that needs a little more tartness or bitterness, or maybe just a fun green colour. Culinary grade matcha is more bitter and this makes this grade perfect for cooking and baking with a flavourful counterpoint to sweet desserts, cakes and ice cream.

Recommended grade: Culinary grade.


Always Organic
Superfood – Rawfood – Functional food
Be Energized. Stay Focused. Go Green.

MATCHA TEA SUPPORTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Matcha green tea fortifies the immune system with antioxidants. MATCHA TEA BOOSTS THE METABOLISM. Effectively burns fat and helps with weight loss. MATCHA TEA ARE A NATURAL DETOX. Detoxifies, cleanses and charges the body naturally. MATCHA TEA PROVIDES YOU WITH SLOW RELEASE ENERGY. Boost your energy level without the subsequent caffeine crash. MATCHA TEA ENHANCES YOUR MOOD. Promotes mental focus, relieves stress and reduces anxiety. MATCHA TEA HAS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES. Helps to protect against harmful bacteria and virus MATCHA TEA GIVES YOU HEALTHY SKIN. Polyphenols found within green tea can help to prevent UV skin damage. MATCHA TEA IS AN ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFOOD Contains 137 x more antioxidants than regular tea. Matcha is rich in catechins, which act as natural antioxidants. MATCHA TEA RICH IN FIBER, CHLOROPHYLL & VITAMINS. Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium. MATCHA TEA ARE AN ORGANIC SUPERFOOD. MATCHA TEA ARE RAW FOOD AND MATCHA TEA ARE FUNCTIONAL FOOD