Matcha guide

Everything you need to know about matcha.
Don’t worry – it’s easy. The tea is so simple to prepare,
that you can easily incorporate it into your daily health routines.
Exactly as you prefer it.

Matcha recipes

You can use matcha in almost any food or drink.
Learn how to prepare healthy smoothies, a delicious matcha latte or use matcha as an ingredient for your next dessert.
Use your imagination or be inspired by our recipes here.

Vitamin & mineral guide

Complete and simple overview of essential nutrients.
See which foods contain vitamins and minerals
and what they are needed for.

Matcha in everyday life

When is it best to drink your matcha tea?
Sports, yoga and meditation. When you need to relax and slow down. Stay focused or as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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What is superfood

Here you’ll find 14 different superfoods you need to know about, all of which will improve your health and boost your energy levels. It’s super easy to get more superfoods into your diet.

FAQ matcha

The ultra green matcha tea has raised many questions. We’ve done our best to answer them all. Get an in-depth look at the world of Matcha here.